Кленов сироп и кленови продукти
Maple syrup - 250 ml
Maple syrup 250 ml
Maple syrup - 375 ml
Maple syrup 375 ml
Maple syrup - 1 liter
Maple syrup
1 liter
Maple syrup - 2 litres
Maple syrup
2 liters
Maple syrup with ginseng
Maple syrup
with ginseng
Maple syrup with strawberry
Maple syrup
with strawberry
Maple syrup with blueberry
Maple syrup
with blueberry
Maple candy
Maple candy
ORGANIC! Maple syrup - 1liter
Maple syrup
1 liter
ORGANIC! Maple syrup - 500 ml
Maple syrup
500 ml

Delivery of original Canadian maple syrup to over 20 countries in Europe

"New S Net" LTD is an authorized importer of genuine maple syrup and maple products from Canada.

Our company imports directly from Canada with high quality and 100% natural products from the original Canadian maple.

Our future partners from from over 20 countries in Europe can now place orders. Orders are sent by courier to the address supplied or office of the courier company.
Below are described price and time of delivery of each product according to the final destination.

"New S Net" LTD is able to deliver Original Canadian Maple Syrup to the following countries:
- Austria
- Belgium
- Croatia
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Greece
- Hungary
- Ireland
- Italy
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Luxembourg
- Macedonia
- Monaco
- Netherlands
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Spain
- Sweden

For more information please contact us at:
Phone: +359 2 932 09 51 ; +359 2 932 09 57
e-mail: office@maple-bg.com
skype: Maple-bg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Klenov.sirop

Coming soon a complete translation of the information for each product in English, Greek and Romanian.

You can also use Google Translator to translate the information from the Bulgarian language.

All products we offer are labeled in Bulgarian and are compatible with all standards of Bulgarian legislation.

The products we offer are accompanied by all the improvements needed international quality certificates.

All prices are inclusive of all required fees for transportation and others.

About our products

All are 100% pure and natural Maple Syrup containing no preservatives, no added colourings. This means that the slightly sweet watery - sap comes directly from the sugar maple trees. At the sugar-house, the sap is filtered and boiled down, so that about 40 gallons produce one gallon of the rich amber-coloured syrup with the distinctive maple flavour. These syrups are great for cooking, such as muffins, cakes, pies, breads and desserts. They are also great as toppings for ice cream, cereal, rice, or good as coffee or tea sweetener.

The Patent of product/process hailed as a "Breakthrough in maple syrup technology" by the Canadian Baking association, and hailed by various executive chefs with their highest recommendations. Developed after extensive research, holds exactly the same properties and characteristics as Pure Maple, with a tremendous cost savings. It can be used for all of the same purposes as pure (including baking, ingredient manufacturing, etc.) and has won many taste tests against pure. This product is all natural with no additives and preservatives, making it a great alternative to high priced pure maple. Independent analysis shows the composition to be virtually identical with similar health benefits.

The 100% Natural Original Canadian Maple Syrup™ are the most popular and the best selling syrups. They contain no preservatives or added colour and can be used for everything that 100% pure Maple Syrup is used for. After extensive research, we developed the duplicate molecular structure of pure Maple Syrup. That means the syrup is made using 100% pure maple syrup, but instead of starting out with a 40 - 1 sap ratio, which is used to produce pure maple syrup, we use a 1 - 1 sap ratio that results the syrup is much more consistent in flavour and colour than some other maple syrup, but holding all the same characteristics than the pure one to keep it 100% natural. This product won the # 1. New Product Grocery Award in Canada, as well it has been recognised by the Canadian Bakers Association and has won many Canadian and International taste tests.

Because it is not flavored syrup, but 100% natural, it is actually an entirely new category of maple syrup product. Ingredients: (All natural, no additives or preservatives), Pure Maple Syrup, Water, Invert Sugar, Natural Maple Flavour, Cooked to the right density: 66% Brix Maple Content. Due to our unique, patented processing that makes the producing less expensive than any other competitors', therefore there is a tremendous cost saving for our customers and distributors, we can certainly pass over. The Original Canadian 100% Natural Syrup has been well received in many countries and shipments are sent regularly to U.S., France, England, Italy, Holland, Iceland, New Zealand, Eastern Europe, etc, just to mention a few. Maple Syrup products have been a great success wherever they have been introduced.

The 100% Natural Original Canadian Maple Syrup™ are made from 100% pure maple syrup sap using a unique patent protected processing method where we virtually duplicate the molecular structure of the pure syrup (cold blend) by starting at a 1 to 1 sap ratio and process cooking to ~ 66.5°Brix maple syrup density. According to nutritional and laboratory analytical reports, the 100% Natural Original Canadian Syrup Syrup™ contain ~ 47.6 to 53.5% of pure maple syrup also including other elements of the pure maple syrup like water 30.43%, ash 0.17%, sucrose 60.55%, invert sugar 6.89%. Nutritional & analytical report of this syrup, (percent of daily values based on a 2000-calorie diet; Serving size 4 Tbsp. [60ml]), shows the following main values:

Total fat - 0g
Protein - 0g
Magnesium - 2mg
Sodium - 1mg
Potassium - 14mg
Preservatives - 0g
Total Carb. - 50g
Calcium - 13mg
Additives - 0g
Shipping Policy

After making a request, our representative will send you a price list of our products.

Delivered product prices are in Euros. Upon the order payment in advance by bank transfer, Moneygram or Western Union.

Delivered prices of our products do not include the cost of transportation to your country. Depending on the quantity of products ordered will provide a separate supply prices.

Cuts of 250 ml., 375 ml, 1 liter and 2 liters are fully labeled in Bulgarian. Cuts with ginseng, strawberry, blueberry and maple candies are labeled in English.

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Original Canadian Maple syrup - 250 ml. Original Canadian Maple syrup - 375 ml. Original Canadian Maple syrup - 1 liter Original Canadian Maple syrup - 2 liters Original Canadian Maple syrup with strawberry Original Canadian Maple syrup with blueberry Maple candy (soft) ORGANIC! Original Canadian Maple syrup - 1 liter ORGANIC! Original Canadian Maple syrup - 500 ml

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